Glass beads: economics aspects


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Economic benefits using glass beads Paparelli
Economic benefits using glass beads Paparelli

Recent studies have demonstrated how the use of glass beads (in substitution to the traditional gravel filtration) for water wells reduces the O&M costs (Operations & Maintenance), in order to improve the performance of the well.

So Paparelli has decided to introduced it in its catalog of products, in addition to screens and tubes, in particular spiral screens (Johnson screens type) for water wells.

The investment costs in the glass beads are from about 2 to 5 times higher than the gravel, which translates into a total cost surplus between 0.5% and 5%, depending on the area and diameter.

But the individual price of the material itself is not an indicator of a water well efficiency.

Thanks to the specific capacity, glass beads involve a reduction of the operations and maintenance costs that offset the original investment.

The Paparelli company, producer by years of screens and tubes, advises its clients the use of glass beads as a method for a better filtration in good water wells.
If well used, they are able to increase the performance of the well from 20% to 300% (and one of the advantages is to savings on energy pumping).

Paparelli suggests the use of glass beads for water wells as they represent innovation in the field of filtration: this kind of system is moslty used in Italy, Germany and Usa and it's spreading to the other countries in the world.