Glass beads

Glass beads

glass beads water wells Paparelli

That's why Paparelli has chosen to combine the historical production of screens and tubes for wells, to the commercialization of glass beads suitable to filtration of the water wells.

Transparency, compactness and structural homogeneity, total chemical and biological inertness, impermeability to liquids, gases, vapors and microorganisms, inalterability over time, sterilizability and perfect ecological compatibility thanks to the possibility of recycling for a infinite number of times. These are the exceptional intrinsic characteristics of glass, entirely made up of mineral substances naturally inert.

Glass is a material obtained by high temperature fusion of a mixture of raw materials: silica, sodium carbonate and calcium carbonate. From a physical point of view, in fact, the glass can define an under-cooled liquid: when a solid in the molten state is cooled down, its volume decreases progressively until the solidification temperature. Once reached a structural reorganization process takes place and through appropriate re internal arrangements leads to the creation of an ordered structure, geometrically well-defined. At this temperature, the volume decreases abruptly and if the cooling is not too rapid the molten has all the time necessary to reach its crystalline configuration.

The mechanical properties of glass are many, starting from resistance to compression (for breaking a glass cube of 1 cm side should be a load of the order of 10 tones) or to the flexion (even higher in tempered glass) or, it might seem strange, the elasticity.

The glass is now used in a very wide range of applications both industrial and domestic and for some of them it is irreplaceable. There are more "visible" and familiar uses, for example glass is used as food, beverages, cosmetics, medicines container. It is also used to produce windows, art objects and very sophisticated technology such as optical fibers used in telecommunications, minimally invasive surgery, diagnostic imaging and special glasses for the spacecrafts.

The glass is a chemically inert material which does not release any substances in contact with supplies of any kind (even with the most aggressive once) such as products with an high rate of acidity (tomato puree and derivatives, pickles).

Its chemical inertness, impermeability to liquids and gases and stability are the characteristics that make the glass, a millennial material, the main and the most used container for the hygienic and lasting storage of any type of food.

The glass is certainly the best material the water well may come in contact with.

The glass beads allow the water to flow according to its best path from the ground through the screen.

glass beads for filter pack in water wells paparelli