Benefits using Johnson screens type


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spiral screen Johnson type advantages uses Paparelli
spiral screen Johnson type advantages uses Paparelli

The Johnson screens type, referred Paparelli deals by time for the filtration of water wells, they are characterized by a special design, consists of a series of stainless steel support bars, around which is wrapped along the length of a metal wire.

Each section of wire and bar is soldered automatically, thereby creating a very robust cylinder resembling a cage, characterized by an opening spiral.

The Paparelli company chooses to use the Johnson screens types for filter pack of water wells for the services and the advantages that they provide during machining operations.

The flow rate of water is increased, clogging are minimized while the cleaning process is facilitated, and the well is to be more efficient.

The sand production can cause a fast deterioration of the well, preventing and blocking the flow of water when it is formed in coatings or in the tubes: using the Johnson screens type the probability that this phenomenon occurs is reduced drastically.

Many are the benefits obtained from the use of Johnson screens type and that is why they are widely used in company Paparelli, specialized in screens and tubes for the water wells.